RegiaBojan Dakić

CreditiScen.: Bojan Dakić, Marijana Jović Lainović, Božidar Stojkov Pr.: Ksenija Silađ, Dir. Fot.: Goran Velemir, Mo.: Pavle Nikić, Mu.: , Cast: Božidar Stojkov , Suzana Stojkov, Barbara Stojkov, Ivan Stojkov


Lingua minoritariaRomani, gurbet romani



A love story from the 1980s, from the southern edge of the Pannonian plain. In a place where the Romani people speak the Gurbet language, a white woman named Suzana embraced the customs and culture of the Romani community and learned their language. During that time, mixed marriages within the Romani community were considered taboo. However, there was a myth about a white woman and a Romani man. Božidar and Suzana were the first to turn that myth into reality, challenging tradition and fighting for their love. Following this precedent, marriages between Romani and non-Romani individuals became more common and accepted.


Bojan Dakić, born in 1979 in Zrenjanin, is a multimedia artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, where he initially focused on sculpture. In his multimedia career, he has worked as a television and film professional, taking on roles such as director, screenwriter, director of photography, and editor. His portfolio includes around twenty short films, documentaries  and video works.