The Società Umanitaria established as a Moral Organization by Royal Decree of 29 June 1893, according to the rules of Law No. 6972 of 17 July 1890, is currently a legal entity under private law that acts on a non-profit basis working for the educational and socio-cultural development in every sector of individual and collective life.

It has been operating in Sardinia in the audiovisual field since 1959 with the management of the audiovisual sector of the Sardinia-OECE Project, which developed until 1962.

In 1963, once the Sardegna-OECE project was concluded, it continued its activity in the audiovisual field with the establishment of a Sardinian Office for the supply of teaching materials and audiovisual aids, technical assistance, training and refresher courses for cultural and audiovisual animators and teachers.

Since 1967 it has managed the Centro Servizi Culturali in the cities of Cagliari, Alghero and Iglesias, established on the basis of art. 20 of Law no. 717 of 26 June 1965 and subsequently confirmed by Regional Law no. 37/1978. In 1966 he promoted the establishment of the Cineteca Sarda, creating the first public, cultural and educational audiovisual infrastructure in Italy, the only one in Sardinia with a permanent structure for study and experimentation.

Since 2010 it has organized the Babel Film Festival, the first international competition dedicated to the cinema of linguistic minorities. For the realization of the project it avails itself of the collaboration of the Babel Cultural Association, of the film and television production companies Terra de Punt and Areavisuale Film.