RegiaAndrea Franceschini

CreditiScen.: Paolo Costa, Silvia Malesardi, Sabrina Rasom, Andrea Franceschini, Prod.: Silvia Malesardi, Andrea Franceschini, Dir. Fot.: Andrea Franceschini , Mo.: Andrea Franceschini


Lingua minoritariaLadino



In a still uncertain phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, FBK and the Ladino Cultural Institute recognized and subsequently realized a shared research and study opportunity regarding the impact of the pandemic phenomenon on the local community, especially during the initial and critical lockdown phase. This insight led to the co-production of Monologues, a documentary that envisions a brief discussion in the Ladino language among four mountain residents, whose testimonies merge into a kind of “multi-voice stream of consciousness,” a “choral monologue” that underscores, on one hand, an apparent visual solitude and, on the other, a tangible collective uniqueness in their spoken words.


Born in Trento in 1982, Andrea Franceschini is an independent filmmaker, writer, and scholar. Since 2007, he has been working as a director on audiovisual projects centered around artistic and social themes, which have been selected and awarded at various Italian and international festivals, including the Ethnografilm Film Festival, the Classical Film Festival, the Near Nazareth Film Festival, the Roma Cinema Doc, the Golden Door International Film Festival, and the Haven International Film Festival. Since 2013, he has been teaching Techniques and Audiovisual Languages, initially at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and now at the Academy of Fine Arts of Trentino, while also working as a director at the FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy.