RegiaAnthony Churchy

CreditiScen.: Anthony Churchy, Pr.: LPY LONERS PARTY, Mo.: Anthony Churchy, Michelle Paul, Mu.: , Cast: Jimmy Cratere, Daniel Geoffery, Samuel Edoho


Lingua minoritariaYoruba

TipologiaShort film


Everything Must End explores life’s fragility and the power of human resilience as Adams, a young man facing his own mortality, constructs a world of meaning amid his darkness, only to confront the profound truth that challenges his very sense of reality.


Anthony-Uwana Churchy, a visual artist and independent designer hailing from A’ Ibom, Nigeria, discovered that his creative passion could serve as a means to cope with family loss and the challenges of his childhood in the southernmost region of Nigeria. Immersed in art from a young age, he channels his emotions and curiosity into surreal, emotive, and thought-provoking works that reflect a profound understanding of human complexity. Despite being self-taught, Anthony’s dedication and unique ability to blend realism and illusion have led to captivating visual narratives and artworks that inspire, captivate, and challenge the audience.