RegiaStefano Giacomuzzi

CreditiScen.: Stefano Giacomuzzi, Prod.: Dorino Minigutti, Anna Di Toma, Cast: Ulderica Da Pozzo


Lingua minoritariaFurlan



Ulderica was a particular child, brave and fearful at the same time. The memory of her childhood in the mountains is vivid and happy, although Ulderica has always looked to death with fear. Now Ulderica is a photographer and preserves the soul of the child she was. Death and the exhausting passage of time have always been the objects of her research. Thanks to photography Ulderica has transcended the fears of her childhood, but the curious eyes through which she looks at the world are the same as always.


Stefano Giacomuzzi graduated from the Bournemouth Film School in Documentary and Cinematography. At nineteen, he began the production of his first feature film Sotto le stelle fredde. He spent a year at the prestigious international research center Fabrica where he begans the production of his second film Pozzis, Samarcanda. The film earned him the recognition of several national and international festivals (London International Motor Film Festival, Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Edera Film Festival, Ischia Film Festival).