RegiaSaverio Tavano

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaCalabrian


On Easter Sunday, in a small town in Southern Italy, the crown of thorns is stolen from the statue of Christ. It was Saro, the schizophrenic son of Nino and Concetta, convinced he is the divine reincarnation. The interplay between reality and madness, between everyday life and ritual, weaves into the family dynamic of the three protagonists.


Saverio Tavano is an Italian director born in Messina but currently residing in Calabria. For the past fifteen years, he has primarily worked as a theater director, playwright, and screenwriter. Alongside Fabio Vita, he co-founded the film production company Lighthouse. He has penned several screenplays produced by RAI Cinema and the Film Commission Calabria. U Figghiu is his first short film.