RegiaEmanuele Vicorito

CreditiScen.: Emanuele Vicorito, Pr.: Alessandro Capitani, Dir. Fot.: Daniele Ciprì, Mo.: Adriano Patruno, Mu.: Carmelo Sciuto, Cast: Caterina D'Andrea, Pina Ranauro, Rosa Lima, Antonio Esposito, Luciana Zazzara, Gino Curcione


Lingua minoritariaNapolitan

TipologiaShort film


The Berrezzella sisters are devoted lotto players, trying their luck three times a week, fueling it with the necessary superstition and an ancient technique. One day, in Vico Scassacocchi, they find themselves witnessing a scene of betrayal that becomes yet another opportunity for them to try their luck and change their lives forever.


Emanuele Vicorito began his acting career in 2005 as the protagonist of the film All the Invisible Children. Later, he played a leading role in the TV movie L’oro di Scampia, directed by Marco Pontecorvo. In 2014, he was among the main cast of the TV series Gomorra – La serie. In 2015, he starred in the short film Bellissima, directed by Alessandro Capitani, which won the David di Donatello Award in 2016 for Best Short Film. Tre volte alla settimana is his directorial debut.