Tre giorni per cambiare


RegiaStefano Fozzi

CreditiScen.: Stefano Fozzi - Pr.: RAI Sardegna - Dir. Fot.: Valerio Atzori - Mo.: Valerio Atzori.


Lingua minoritariaSardu



In 2011, Diego Gastaldi had a serious car accident in which he lost the use of his legs. As an aeronautical engineer passionate about travel, he began training to strengthen his physique and did so to the point of becoming a Paralympic athlete on the Italian national team. In 2018, after leaving his Paralympic career, he embarked on a period of travel and adventures in hard-to-reach places. To do this, Diego designed and built a motorized handbike that allowed him to overcome hills and rough terrain. This would be the vehicle that would take him to Sardinia in December 2022 for an incredible three-day adventure that would forever change his way of seeing the world and others.


Stefano Fozzi lives and works in Sardinia. After writing, hosting, and directing hundreds of radio programs for RAI Sardegna, in June 2023, he achieved second place in the Fiction category at the recent Italian Podcast Awards with Radio Titanic a podcast written and produced for Rai Play Sound. He has curated and produced around ten television documentaries before venturing into Tre giorni per cambiare his first docufilm, for which he served as both the author and director. In July 2023, he completed the production of his second medium-length film, Damnatio ad Metalla also as the author and director.