RegiaEmilie Upczak

CreditiScen.: Emilie Upczak, Pr.: Emilie Upczak, John Otterbacher, Dir. Fot.: Nancy Schreiber, Mo.: Sarah Biagini, Mu.: Nathalie Bonin, Cast: Morningstar Angeline, Sami Straits, Chrissie Waquie


Lingua minoritariaNavajo

TipologiaShort film


 An expert Native American botanist travels alone along the Colorado River and relives, through memories, her last journey with her now deceased aunt.


Emilie Upczak is an independent filmmaker and an associate professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She spent ten years developing her artistic practice while living in Trinidad and Tobago, where she worked as a creative director for the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival. Her video installations have been exhibited at PG Contemporary in Houston, AIR Gallery in Brooklyn, and the Festival International Signes de Nuit in France. Her short films have been screened at various Caribbean and African diaspora film festivals, as well as Clermont-Ferrand and MIPTV. Her debut feature film, Moving Parts is available on Indiepix through Amazon. Recently, she completed the short film Silt, from which a feature film set on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon will be developed.