RegiaAntonio Coello

CreditiFeature film


Lingua minoritariaCmiique iitom


In a desert by the sea, an ancient culture endures modernity. A grandmother and her granddaughter intertwine in estrangement over memory. The myth sheds controversy; time falls in dreams of sand, old songs and rock music.

Sietefilos is the first full-length feature drama to be ever produced in Cmiique Iitom (Seri language)


Antonio Coello is a Mexican and Colombian filmmaker and visual anthropologist who collaborates as curator with the Dreamspeakers International Film Festival. His short films involve indigenous communities with which he creates collective cinematic stories that have been shown and awarded in various festivals and museums like the Guggenheim Museum in New York and ImagineNATIVE at Toronto. Sietefilos is his first full-lenght feature film.