Sek Buy


RegiaWilliam Cayapur Delgado

CreditiScen.: Hugo Gerdel, Prod.: Álvaro Ruiz Velasco, Gaby Ibarra Valverde, Dir. Fot.: Álvaro Ruiz Velasco, Alexander Muñoz, Mo.: Daniel Bargach Mitre, Mu.: La Errática


Lingua minoritariaNasa yuwe



Aurora, a 10 year old indigenous girl, investigates the meaning of sacred calendars, the way they govern community life in harmony and balance with Mother Earth. Exploring her culture with pride and joy, Aurora, together with cosmogonic beings and wise men, discovers her identity during the most important ceremony of the Nasa People (Southern Colombia), the SEK BUY, Ritual to the Sun, which every June 21, celebrates the beginning of the solar year. 


Filmmaker, teacher, belongs to the indigenous community NASA. He was the manager of the Audiovisual Production Collective of the Nasa We`Sx Kiwe Granadillo Agricultural Technical Institute, a strategy to prevent students from joining armed groups.