The Cold [Sar]


RegiaAdar Baran Deger

CreditiPr.: Selam Salar Cakay - Dir. Fot.: Semih Yldiz - Mo.: Adar Baran Deger - Cast: Silan Duzdaban, Selam Salar Cakay, Abdullah Tarhan.


Lingua minoritariaKurdí

TipologiaShort film


Migration is always a forced journey, and the migration path can lead to tragedies. Even if immigrants complete this forced and risky journey, they have always lost something along the way. “The Cold” astonishingly combines all these aspects of immigration through the story of two unnamed individuals, a pregnant woman and her husband, who are trying to cross the border in a freezing landscape.


Adar Baran Değer was born in 1993 in Van, Turkey. He worked as an assistant director on various films and TV series since 2010. Cold is his first short film as a director.