RegiaXosé A. Touriñán y Jairo Iglesias

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaGalego


A family of five members goes through tough times after the death of a woman: a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law… This situation smashes the household life, placing the responsability on a twelve year old girl.


Xosé A. Touriñán is an actor, producer, scriptwriter and one of the most popular comedians in Galicia. He began his career as a theater actor and took part in numerous television programs on Televisión de Galicia. He has interpreted roles in Fariña, El Desorden que Dejas, Justo antes de Cristo, Pequeñas Coincidencias, and also in the successful comedy Cuñados. He is also a director and developer of Castelo Conta, a festival that emphasizes the value of comedy, oral tradition and rural culture and that takes place in Castelo, Culleredo. Nena is his first short film as a director and scriptwriter.