RegiaEnrico Pau

CreditiFeature film


Lingua minoritariaSardu


Maria from Isili is the illusion of a theatrical performance, but it only exists when filmmaking is involved. The characters, adapted from Cristian Mannu’s novel (published by Giunti), are all deceased and only come to life within the scene, amidst their memories. Memory, therefore, becomes an escape from the stage, a way to rediscover the nature that surrounds Isili, serving as the backdrop for all these stories in which reality and images from the past, sourced from a timeless Film Archive, are intertwined.


Enrico Pau is an Italian film director. He was a professor of the History of Theatre at the University of Cagliari. He has been a director and radio script writer at the Rai Sardegna and he had a long career in the theater as an actor, director, and as a theater critic for La Nuova Sardegna. In 1996, he directed his first short film The Fox and the Bee. His films, including Pesi Leggeri, Jimmy della Collina, L’Accabadora, L’Ombra del Fuoco, and L’Ultimo Miracolo, have participated in festivals such as Locarno, Venice, Clermont-Ferrand receiving awards and recognition.