L’ultima habanera


RegiaCarlo Licheri

CreditiScen.: Carlo Licheri - Pr.: Carlo Licheri - Dir. Fot.: Micaela Cauterucci - Mo.: Carlo Licheri - Cast: Enrica Mura, Stefano Cancellu, Diego Pani, Giaime Mannias.


Lingua minoritariaSardu

TipologiaShort film


The apparition of the beloved Bruna brings back the old Ciccio to the day when he proposed to her, when they worked together for a radio in Cagliari and suddenly the news of the end of the Second World War arrived.


Carlo Licheri (Nuoro, 1989) is a director and screenwriter, who lives and works in Cagliari. After graduating in Political Sciences, he studied Theatre and Film Writing and Directing, at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan and Tracce Snc in Rome. He directed several works, like the short documentary Storie di Migrantes together with journalist Alessandro Aramu, and the short documentary Sono Schizzato.