RegiaAudrey Sangla

CreditiScen.: Audrey Sangla, Pr.: Michel Gonzalez , Dir. Fot.: Nathalie Denayrou , Mo.: Audrey Sangla, Mu.: Pierre Luga, Cast: Chantal Liennel, Alexandre Bernhardt, Caroline Penin-Antide.


Lingua minoritariaFrench Sign Language

TipologiaShort film


Released from prison after 27 years, Solange, a deaf woman, has just moved into a small apartment. At sixty-seven years old, she faces the challenge of finding her place in a stigmatizing society whose codes she no longer recognizes. Will she be able to achieve true freedom and overcome everything that has been stacked against her?


Being deaf, Audrey Sangla has always had a strong attraction to the world of art and has been immersed in the world of cinema since her childhood, thanks to her deaf father. In 2020, she created her first documentary for French television. Audrey Sangla is deeply committed to advocating for the rights of deaf individuals, a commitment that is reflected in her involvement with the FNSF (National Association of the Deaf in France) and her work with the WFD (World Federation of the Deaf).