RegiaMozhgan Kavousi

CreditiMozhgan Kavousi, Prod.: Mozhgan Kavousi, Dir. Fot.: Babak Marviazad, Farahbekhsh Farhidniya, Mo.: Mozhgan Kavousi, Mostafa Qhanbarizadeh, Mu.: Alireza Ashrafpour


Lingua minoritariaKurdí



Heewa engages with the danger of annihilation of Kurdish language among the Kurdish people who have been migrated to Kalardasht during the past centuries. The film reminds us of this lingual identity menace and aims to cultivate a culture to prevent it.


Mozhgan Kavousi was born in 1976 in a family of exiled Kurds in Kalardasht in Mazandaran. She has a master’s degree in art research. She is a linguistic and ethnic rights activist and due to her interests and concerns is active in Kurdish language and literature. For this reason, but with other pretexts, she has been arrested and imprisoned twice. She has also done activities to eliminate gender discrimination. Among her works, we can mention the translation of thebook The Only Survivor and the direction of two short films Sad Cold Flowers and Heewa.