RegiaKassim Yassin Saleh

CreditiScen.: Kassim Yassin Saleh, Fabrizio Quadroli, Heidrun Schleef, Toni Trupia, Prod.: Joana de Freitas Ginori, Dir. Fot.: Daniele Ciprì, Mo.: Mauro Bonanni, Mu.: Franco Eco, Cast: Francesco Rodrigo, Sirabella Sinigallia, Alessandro Sardelli, Andrea Autullo


Lingua minoritariaRomanesco

TipologiaShort film


In a diverse and multicultural suburb of Rome, a mother and two brothers are evicted from the public housing they live in. The two brothers, believing that the house has been allocated to foreigners, decide to take matters into their own hands and reclaim their home at any cost.


Kassim Yassin Saleh was born in Djibouti in 1966. He left his home country in the 90s, coming eventually to Rome. He began to work in construction sites, then he worked for various luxury boutiques where he was noticed and hired by a photographer for an ad campaign. In 2007 he was chosen by Joseph Lefevre as the protagonist for the film “Said”. After some other acting experiences, he began to explore screenwriting and directing for short films. “Guerra tra Poveri” (2022) is his latest work.