RegiaSimone Contu

CreditiScen.: Simone Contu, Giovanni Galavotti, Marco Antonio Pani, Pr.: Laura Biagini, Dir. Fot.: Sandro Chessa, Francesco Piras, Cast: Alessandro Orrù, Anita Cannas, Stefania Foddis, Simone Contu


Lingua minoritariaSardu

TipologiaShort film


Antonio is a shepherd who lives with his goat herd in the Sardinian mountains. The apparent calmness of his days will be upset when the opportunity to avenge his brother, killed many years ago in front of his own eyes, will present itself.


Simone Contu (born in 1970) lives in Sardinia, working both as a screenwriter/director and as a location and production manager. After having received his diploma in 2001 at the Civic School of Cinema in Milan, he developed his skills and established his outlook by collaborating with prestigious national and international authors, such as: Paolo Sorrentino, Terry Gilliam, Andrej Petrovic Zvjagincev, Giuseppe Tornatore, Salvatore Mereu, Paolo Zucca, Bonifacio Angius.