RegiaÜmit Güç

CreditiScen.: Ümit Güç, Pr.: Ümit Güç, Dir. Fot.: Necati Öz, Mo.: Necati Öz, Mu.: Ciwan Haco, Cast: Filiz Karadağlı, Xelid Dikko


Lingua minoritariaKurdí

TipologiaShort film


 In a camp where asylum seekers and local farm workers coexist, the locals’ anger towards the refugees escalates as poverty worsens. Two children, Barış and Evin, who are unaware of this anger, one day disappear. Both the locals and the refugees embark on a search for the children, sharing the same feelings for a while. The search for the children thus becomes a brief journey in search of common human values.


Ümit Güç was born in 1989 in Antakya and is currently attending the Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema at Cukurova University. His first short film, Who Built The Stone Bridge? and his second film, Feets of Earth, have been selected and awarded at national and international festivals.