RegiaAndreu Corberà

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaCatalà


The clown, the bearded woman and the animal trainer. These three members of the Felina circus are going through a rough patch related to their alter-egos. The Clown is sad because her boyfriend has left her and throws pies in her face at all the shows. The Bearded Woman cries because her boyfriend has found a girl with a better beard and the Animal Trainer is suffering from depression after being confined to a small caravan that takes her nowhere.


Andreu Corberà (Valencia, 1996) is a film director and founding partner of the production company MIRACOR FILMS SL. Graduated in Cinematography and Performing Arts at TAI School in Madrid, he has expanded his international training in Italy and the Philippines. As a director, he has shot the short films Cacería, sustantivo, femenino, (2016) 05:15 A.M. (2019), Tres besos robados en Roma (2020) and Felina (2022).