RegiaMichela Anedda

CreditiScen.: Michela Anedda, Prod.: Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, Nicola Contini (Mommotty), Dir. Fot.: Federica Ortu, Mo.: Michela Anedda, Mu.: Simone Mura


Lingua minoritariaSardu



Faulas is an animated series in stop motion which re-elaborates nursery rhymes and sayings from popular tradition in a playful, ironical manner.

The series takes its cue from local, still current sayings whose true meaning has however been lost, and uses them to tell universal stories.


Michela Anedda is an independent stop motion director, writer and animator based in Sardinia.

She took her master’s degree at ECA in 2013, presenting the short film Cogas as final project:  a Sardinian-themed animated short film that has been selected in numerous international festivals. Her personal and visual research consists in incorporating Sardinian traditions in his works, reworking them.