EVSEYEV: Recognition at the cost of life


RegiaAndrew Ogorodnikov

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaMari


From a rural teacher and local historian to an enemy of the Soviet system, Timofei Evseyev was an ethnographer and folklorist, one of the first to attempt to uncover the secrets of the life-cycle rituals of his people. His ethnographic collections and handwritten materials gathered over a century ago now constitute the “golden fund” of Mari traditional culture and are significant for the entire Ugro-Finnic world. An internationally recognized scholar, he was “rewarded” with the death penalty during his lifetime by a country, the republic, that he had glorified the heritage of and sought to preserve at the cost of his own life.


Andrew Ogorodnikov was born in 1989 in the Republic of Mari El. He studied Cinema at the New York Film Academy (USA) and made his directorial debut with “Closer,” for which he also handled the screenplay, editing, and sound. Among his films are Unseen, Heritage. Mari El, Onaen, and EVSEYEV: Recognition at the cost of life, which have earned him awards and recognition at numerous national and international film festivals.