RegiaAna Maria Ferri

CreditiScen: Ana Maria Ferri, Prod.: Ana Maria Ferri, Dir. Fot.: Pablo Van Damme , Mo.: Pablo Van Damme, Mu.: Xema Fuertes


Lingua minoritariaCatalà

TipologiaShort film


 ¿Estáis ahí? is a social critique in which, through the metaphor of a ‘non-human’ being, we observe how society discriminates against those who are different from them, ignoring their needs, their presence, and their voice.


Master Degree in Cinema, BA Law Degree, Graduated in Script. After working as a press editor and winning several literary awards she started in cinema in 2002 setting up her own company in 2011. She got behind the camera with the doc short Natalia, biopic about his cellist great-aunt (2015). The magic realist tale Misappropriation (2017) was her debut in fiction. She’s working on her next work, the thriller Me, You, Next.