RegiaJoan Tisminetzky

CreditiScen.: Francina Verdés, Joan Tisminetzky, Pr.: Francina Verdés, Pere Marzo, Raúl M. Candela , Dir. Fot.: Joan Tisminetzky, Mo.: Pere Marzo, Cast: Tomàs Pladevall, Clara Marsó, Paco Marín, Teresa Burgos, Jordi Bransuela.


Lingua minoritariaCatalà



The first of his films, Robin Hood never dies, is lost. Tomàs Pladevall is an admired cinematographer, a master of light who seeks to recover his personal archive. He has been retired from the profession for years, although he cannot help but continue experimenting with light and shadow.


Joan Tisminetzky is a director and a cinematographer living in Barcelona. Specializing in documentary film, he has developed his career in the field of film and television. He co-directed the documentary Per Jupiter! and the series Al ladrón! and Tan sols. In 2018, he premiered Cada quinze dies, his first feature-length documentary, co-directed with Laura Huguet and screened at numerous national and international festivals. On Shadows is his second feature film as a director.