RegiaAndrea Deidda

CreditiProd.: Andrea Deidda , Dir. Fot.: Andrea Deidda, Mo.: Andrea Deidda, Mu.: Emanuele Contis, Cast: Giovanni Atzeni, Sebastiano Deledda, Salvatore Ladu, Eleonora Mainò, Antonio Mula, Paolo Arru, Stefano Piras, Giovanni Puddu, Michel Putzu, Andrea Sanna


Lingua minoritariaSardu



From the towns of Sardinia, young individuals emigrate at a very tender age to pursue a dream: to compete in the Palio di Siena. Becoming a jockey in Piazza del Campo, however, is not for everyone. The hunger for glory demands leaving their homeland, where it all began, riding bareback in the countryside and in the dustiest Palio. It’s a passion that requires sacrifices from dawn to dusk in the stables, waiting for something that may or may not come to fruition. This is an untold behind-the-scenes story, culminating at the exact moment when the spectacle of the Palio unfolds to the jubilation of the large audience.


Andrea Deidda was born in Cagliari in 1987. He is a professional journalist and filmmaker with a degree in Political Science, as well as two university master’s degrees in Communication and Filmmaking. He works for newspapers and television and collaborates with production companies as a director, author, and documentary cameraman. He has directed the documentary Bar Seui, the instant documentary Notte di giorno, and the fiction short film Santamaria.