RegiaÁlvaro Hernández Blanco

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaKu'ahl


In the deserts of Baja California (Mexico), Daria and Teresa are the last two people in the world who know and speak the indigenous Ku’Ahl language. In a context of abandonment and decay, while the modern world progresses with indifference, the two women denounce the imminent extinction of the Ku’Ahl language and culture. But as long as Daria and Teresa converse together, Ku’Ahl lives on.


Álvaro Hernández Blanco is a Madrid-born filmmaker and content creator. His projects include the western short Once Upon A Time On the Border and Gotta Serve Somebody, winner of the International Showing Film Awards. Álvaro has also worked as editor across various documentaries and as producer for numerous online content outlets. In 2021, he published his first book A Migrant’s Musings.