RegiaGuilvic La Cam

CreditiScen.: Guilvic La Cam , Pr.: Anna Lincoln, Dir. Fot.: Simon Feray, Mo.: Gwnael Oillo.


Lingua minoritariaBrezhoneg-breton

TipologiaShort film


 The film tells the story of Alwena, a young woman who returns to Brest after spending several years on the other side of the world. Her brother, who had given up expecting her return, refuses her accommodation after having had to face their father’s death alone…


Guilvic La Cam was born in 1985 and grew up in Brittany. After studying performing arts and audiovisual production, he moved to Paris to work as an artistic consultant for several screenwriters. In 2014, he directed Mutter, his first short film, which was selected in various festivals. After a period of artistic experimentation in Berlin, he returned to Brittany to reconnect with his culture and language and develop his new works there.