RegiaMaythem Ridha

CreditiShort film


Lingua minoritariaSouthern Iraqi dialect


Guided by the Sumerian prayer chant of his grandmother, Ali, a 9-year-old mute boy, embarks on a long and grueling 400 km journey through the war-ravaged Iraqi landscape to sacrifice his sheep, Kirmeta, at the shrine of an ancient saint. Along the way, Kirmeta becomes increasingly stubborn and escapes to evade her fate.Ali finds Kirmeta amidst abandoned car carcasses, a testament to decades of violence and false promises of freedom. When Kirmeta collapses from exhaustion, the pilgrims believe she has died. However, with the grandmother’s continued prayers back in the village, Kirmeta miraculously recovers. Witnessing what transpired, the pilgrims declare her the MIRACULOUS SHEEP, a reputation that accompanies them for the rest of their journey. Will the boy and the sheep manage to survive the challenges and come to terms with their destinies?A hybrid lyrical film whose symbolism lays bare the suffering of a nation whose sole hope is embodied by a mute child and his “miraculous” little sheep.


Maythem Ridha received his education in Iraq before fleeing with his family into exile in England. His films have been selected at major international festivals, distributed in theaters, and have won numerous awards and accolades. He is the author of Iraqi Tales, a collection of original stories for cinema. Among his films, Drifting On The Wind and Al-Baghdadi. His latest film in the Iraqi Tales series, Ali And His Miracle Sheep, was showcased at the 2021 Sheffield Festival where it won the award for Best Film.