RegiaDavide Melis

CreditiScen.: Davide Melis, Pr.: Karel, Dir. Fot.: Luca Melis, Mo.: Davide Melis, Mu.: Tenore Supramonte Orgosolo.


Lingua minoritariaSardu



A s’orgolesa recounts a year in Orgosolo with a narrative structure that provides for the alternation of dialogue parts and Canti a Tenore: the Canti, the authentic matrix of the work and the main element of the story, stitch together the testimonies of a community which, proud of its origins and its past, today reaches out towards a present in continuous transformation of which the Canto a Tenore becomes not a mere celebration of a now distant past, but a faithful poetic transposition of social themes particularly lively within the community.


Davide Melis was born on July 4, 1968, in Cagliari. He has worked for various television broadcasters as a sound engineer, editor, and video technician. Currently, he is a partner at the Karel production company in Cagliari, where he serves as the artistic director and head of post-production. He is responsible for conceiving and producing documentaries, editorial content, and corporate videos, wearing multiple hats as a director, graphic designer, art director, and editor.