The red scarf girl (vs. the white fang people)


RegiaMartín Caínzos Sanmartín

CreditiScen.: Martín Caínzos Sanmartín, Prod.: Laura Pazienza, Dir. Fot.: Subash Trufero, Martín Caínzos, Mo.: Martín Caínzos, Mu.: Fernando Rouco, Cast: Marta Doviro, Kexin Chen, Pedro Brandariz


Lingua minoritariaGalelo, lingua Yue

TipologiaShort film


Miaojing Wang is a mysterious girl who is being interrogated in a small village in Spain. She seems to be involved in a spiral of violence … but she just wants to find whoever murdered her people.


Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, but really interested in foreign cinema. Now working as Screenwriting and Direction teacher at a Film School. Really interested in the mix of genres and cultures.