Through the analysis of a film, a reflection on, and a proposal for, a different role of the filmmaker in their approach to the “cinema of the Real” will be offered. Filmmakers take on their creative journey from the visible to the invisible, they allow themselves to be captured by feelings in front of their subjects in order to transform them, through images, into meaning.

It is necessary to ask oneself how to make a film to express not so much ideas or concepts, but rather everyday reality. To make cinema is to place oneself on a path on which to measure oneself against the living material and change, to find an authentic rapport with reality.

It is important to establish, in relation to the world being narrated, a certain observation point that lets the simple naturalness of things emerge, without preconceptions or implications.

Mario Brenta

Director, screenwriter and director of photography, Mario Brenta is active both as a film and documentary maker. His works have been presented at major international film festivals – including Cannes, Venice, and Berlin – where they have won recognition and numerous prizes.

He founded, with Ermanno Olmi, the school Ipotesi Cinema which he directed for two decades. He also worked as a lecturer in the Theory and Techniques of Language in Film at the University of Padova.

Moreover, he held courses in film direction at the ACT of Cinecittà, and the G.M.Volonté School of Rome, and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, the FEMIS in Paris, the INSAS in Brussels, the ISMAC in Rabat, and, as a visiting professor, at the most important Italian, French and Spanish universities.