The role of script supervisor takes in many different aspects of filmmaking, ranging from direction, to photography and editing. A journey which balances an in-depth understanding of the script and its needs with a constant awareness and knowledge of the overall picture on set.

It is a task which requires constant focus and collaboration with the various parts of the crew to keep what is called narrative continuity. For this reason, in English speaking countries, the position is known as the “continuity supervisor”, i.e. the figure who oversees the connection between the narrative and filming, a process which has its own precise rules, and, from time to time needs to go beyond them.

Lara Saderi

Lara Sadieri is a graduate of the Literature, Music and Entertainment degree course at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She has worked for many years as a script supervisor for feature films and TV series.

She began her editing role in Sardinia with the short film Sinuaria and has continued to work on a series of titles, including La ragazza del mondo, Nel mondo grande e terribile (on the life and works of Antonio Gramsci) , Il banchiere anarchico and Piove deserto.

Recently, she took part in the shooting of the film Siberia by Abel Ferrara. Her most recent job was as a continuity supervisor for the TV series Romulus with director Matteo Rovere.