Marco Antonio Pani was born in Sassari but lives in Cagliari. He has been a director, screenwriter, editor and teacher of film direction since 1992. Since then he has taught audiovisual communtication and promoted the region through this work, while also dedicating himself to more personal filmmaking projects.

Some of these projects include the award-winning short films Chinotto, Las Puertas del mundo niño, Panas, and Maialetto della Nurra, the docufiction Els Pintors Catalans a Sardenya, and the biopic Arturo torna dal Brasile. He is the co-author (along with Paolo Carboni) of the feature film Capo e Croce, le ragioni dei pastori (in competition for the 2013 Rome Film Festival and awarded the prize for Best Italian Film, among other awards, at the 2014 Italian Environmental Film Festival in Turin).

He has taught film direction, audiovisual production management, and the direction of actors for over 20 years at various university courses and Master’s degrees programs in Spain. Over the past few years, he has taught workshops for documentary direction and audiovisual literacy at the University of Cagliari.